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Bridge Builders is working with street kids in Kampala and other Uganda towns, supporting and counselling them, teaching craft-making and musical skills, with the aim - when the young person agrees - of returning them to a supportive family setting.

Bridge Builders has published a Guide On Good Practice using the arts in working with street children in Uganda.

Bridge Builders has published a Guide On Good Practice using the arts in working with street children in Uganda.

Bridge Builders supports the Echatutu (Struggle) Women's Selfhelp Group of Olwelai Village, Soroti, developing how they create and market their craftwork.

Bridge Builders works to promote and deepen knowledge on the 1870s work and continuing relevance of early Scots Christian missionary to Buganda, Alexander Mackay of Rhynie in Aberdeenshire.

Bridge Builders Uganda was formed in 2010 by organiser and social worker John Robert Ekapu of Uganda and fundraiser and social worker Ewan McVicar of 


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A report by John Robert Ekapu

Street children - undesired and desired state

I take this opportunity to thank Mr Ewan Mc Vicar for supporting me to participate in the various forum/meetings to discuss issues related to street children in Uganda and Africa. I have participated in a number of countries such as Kenya, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Netherlands, Switzerland, Zambia.

Bridge Builders technically works with other partners including governments in trying to advice the rights of orphans and vulnerable street children in Uganda

The organization has been invited in number of meetings organized by governments at national level including at district level. Bridge Builders has also participated in the number of meetings organized by civil society organized working on human rights in Uganda.

John Robert Ekapu addressing the young people during the youth dialogue on sustainable development goals

Bridge Builders is also proud to announce that the government and regional team have been able to cherish the work of the organization in trying to promote and protect the rights of the vulnerable street children in Uganda.

Because of the work of Bridge Builders with sincere support from Mr. Mc Vicar, we are happy to mention that John Robert Ekapu has participated in number of forums including being elevated to a position of focal person for Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Uganda. I can represent street children/youth and participate in various forums nationally, regionally and internationally.

John Robert Ekapu at the radio talk show on the challenges that street children and youth go through

I (Ekapu John Robert) have participated in number of monthly and quarterly meetings organized in Kenya convened by sexual reproductive health rights organizations such as dance for life and SRHR alliance in Africa. The meetings are aimed at deliberating on the changes that young people face including street children, what governments are doing in trying to address street children problems, and the modalities of collaborative work among others.

The trainings focused on challenges affecting collaboration between CSOs/government and private sector, Secondly, we had presentations on legal frameworks in Africa and how government tried to apply them, they also took us through sexual reproductive health rights for the young people in Africa, understanding the global gag rule -brought by Trump and how it might affect NGOs helping young people mainly those providing sexual reproductive health rights. This also involved mapping strategies on how such organization can address the challenge. The organizers are also planning to have another meeting between Zimbabwe and Senegal.
I (John Robert) also participated in another meeting organized by government delegations in Netherlands under the ministry of gender labour and social development. The main purpose of the meeting was to strategize on how to conduct advocacy towards enabling governments to allocate national budget for the vulnerable groups in Uganda including orphans and sexual orientation and gender identify. I am happy to mention that by the time we conclude the meeting CSOs and ministry of government had allowed to work hand in hand with civil society organizations

John Robert Ekapu in Amsterdam

with cold weather

I further participated in the capacity building exercise that took place in Zimbabwe -targeting the young people in Zimbabwe. The meeting enabled the young people to know the mechanisms that are passed by the African commission in enabling the promotion and protection of children and youth in Africa.

I also participated in the 62nd ordinary session on the African charter on human and people’s rights organized by the African commission in Mauritania. It was an opportunity for different CSOs and young people including youth led organization to share their experiences. This included challenges that young people face in Africa, government failures to aid marginalized groups because of politicization, slave trade scenario still happing in African countries like Mauritania among others.

John Robert Ekapu - Moderating at session at the African Commission review in Mauritania


I have also happy to mention that I participated in the value clarification workshop which was convened at Addis Ababa by governments in collaboration with some of the civil society organizations including UN agencies. The workshop was targeting the African Ambassadors and we took the advantage of bringing out issues affecting young people. At the end of the workshops the ambassadors committed to work with their government in trying to priorities issues. The training was organized for African Ambassadors on value clarification on Sexual reproductive health rights of young people in Africa. Our task was to learn and contribute in the process. I was also responsible for documentation of the process and later submitted the report to the Facilitators.

John Robert Ekapu
at the conference in Kenya

On the 29th of July one of the young boys participated in Nairobi on the innovative public speaking organized by the moth. He was sponsored, and he was provided with accommodation and meals. He represented Bridge Builders and he talked about the challenges faced by street children in Uganda and the work of Bridge Builders in mitigating the challenges.



The high quality of John Robert Ekapu's expertise and experience has been recognised internationally.

See his report lower down this page.

Many thanks to Murad of Linlithgow Newsagents for funding Murad's Feast for 30+ streetkids. 

Kampala streetkids form instant kazoo band, September 2014.

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